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Cloud Penetration

An authorised simulated cyber-attack on a system housed on a Cloud provider is known as Cloud Penetration Testing.

A cloud penetration test's main purpose is to identify a system's weaknesses and strengths so that its security posture may be appropriately appraised.

Cloud Penetration Testing Types and Methods

Attack, breach, operability, and recovery issues in a cloud context will all be investigated during cloud penetration testing. The following are examples of several forms of cloud penetration testing:
Black Box
Penetration Testing

An attack scenario in which the cloud penetration testers don't know anything about your cloud systems and don't have access to them.

Grey Box
Penetration Testing

Cloud penetration testers have a limited understanding of users and systems and may be given restricted administrative access.

White Box
Penetration Testing

Cloud penetration testers have access to cloud systems at the admin or root level.

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